Henan Special Series of Classic Projects in 2018: Development before the Development of Henan Province

2019.05.05Company news

  In the face of the drums of endeavor, WEIBO ushered in a new year. In 2018, the excellent projects completed by WEIBO Elevator Henan team, such as: Shangqiu Huadu Yufu, Hebi Xinduhuiao Forest City, Lankao Donghuyuyuan, Pingdingshan Yiwu Trade City, reached a strategic consensus with Henan customers and recognized it. This broke through its core competitiveness in the industry, adding a touch of color to WEIBO's performance.

  Shangqiu Huadu Real Estate Co., Ltd. is a well-known real estate enterprise in Shangqiu area. Its business scope includes real estate development and operation, which has made significant contributions to the development of Shangqiu City. WEIBO Elevator serves the Shangqiu Huadu Yufu project developed by Shangqiu Huadu Real Estate Co., Ltd. Shangqiu Huadu Yufu Project, as the new city of Shangqiu City, witnessed the rise of a city, is a key project of real estate development in Shangqiu City. The project is located at the west of the North Road intersection of Nanjing Road and Zhongzhou Road. WEIBO Elevator offers a total of 28 WP30 model aircraft passenger elevators. Its excellent quality and exquisite craftsmanship have been recognized by customers, and WEIBO is also committed to providing customers with the perfect service.


  Hebi Xindu Hui'ao Forest City is a key project under Hebi Aolin Property Co., Ltd. Located in the middle of the mountainous area of Shancheng Road, the city's high value and the core of the gold business district, it has a variety of properties such as residential, commercial, pedestrian street, commercial and residential. WEIBO offers a total of 32 WPN30 models of elevators, adding to the strength of the Australian Forest facilities.


  Lankao Donghu Yuyuan, located in Lankao County, has a project scale of 215 mu, a total construction area of 260,000 square meters and a total investment of 700 million. The project integrates modern human settlements, markets, commerce, catering, tourism, leisure culture, entertainment, and large-scale shopping malls, making the society harmonious and stable, and the people living and working in peace, thus better serving the economic and social development of Lankao County. WEIBO offers a total of 39 elevators to add to the strength of the Australian Forest.

  Pingdingshan Yiwu Trade City is the largest commercial complex in the Pingdingshan area. The project is located in the core area of the Yiwu bustling business district of the West Bus Station. It is close to the main roads of the city such as Ping'an Avenue and Sijin Road, with a construction area of about 180,000 square meters. The building grade, business environment and supporting facilities are among the best in China. WEIBO has a total of 97 elevators, covering a variety of ladder types.

  Struggling hard, keeping a close eye on the target, and actively exploring the market, WEIBO has not only become a loyal trust of customers in Henan market, but also won a good reputation with its good corporate reputation and excellent attitude. This is also the result of the unity and unremitting efforts of the outstanding team of Henan. . This team has been in existence for 14 years since its establishment in 14 years. In the new year, WEIBO and his team will also move forward, accelerate the pace of development, and create a new chapter.

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