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    Product Name: Car Elevator

    Product number:WA20


    Load capacity:

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    WEBSTAR automobile lift applies variable voltage and variable frequency control technology and avoids the roduction noise and jerky car caused by burdened load of the traction system out of uneven applied force of the car. We optimize the properties of the serial goods to the greatest extent. The products are widely applicable for parking ts, car repair plants, underground garages etc Machine room-less car elevator is a new variety newly put out by WEBSTAR Elevator. It gathers together the advanded control technology and drive technology. It has the obvious dvantages such as "safe, stable, economical and energy-saving"etc. The application of gearless traction and drive technology changes the traditional well layout mode. It saves the building space, beautifies the building outline to the greatest extent. It is an ideal choice in vast 40 car shops.


     product name model  speed (m/s) Load capacity (kg)
     Car elevator  WA20  0.25 3000  4000  5000 
     0.5 3000 4000 5000
     Hydraulic car elevator  WAH20  0.25-0.5 3000     


    The use of European original hydraulic components and a full computer intelligent control system fully guarantees the safe and reliable operation quality of hydraulic car elevators.

    The car elevator is also equipped with a vehicle access dispatch signal management system, which is an ideal vertical transport vehicle for parking garages (fields) for fast moving cars.

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