• product description

    WEBSTAR serial goods lift furnishes you with a wide load range from 1000kg to 5000kg. It can always create more and more values for you by its most outstanding performance.

    WEBSTAR serial goods lift has the bright, spacious, economical and practical car with the optimized design. It offers the swift and convenient cargo transport. It has the superior characteristics such as the fine security and reliability, smooth running, large loading capacity etc. It is applicable to various applications such as factory, warehouse, shopping center, library and so on. It can always satisfy the customers requirements. It is the finest cargo transport tool.

    Energy-saving:Variable frequency goods lift applies VVVF voltage and speed regulative technology to vigorously reduce the lift running power loss and power supply capacity. It saves nearly 20% of energy comparing with the traditional AC double-speed traction.

    Superior speed governor properties:VVVF speed governor and the unique curve running condition of variable frequency freight lift can smoothly adjust the elevator speed. It largely improves the coziness, leveling precision and low noise of the lift operation.

    Excellent torque properties:The biggest feature of WVF drive goods lift is its constant torque characteristics. No matter it bears light or heavy load which never influences the running speed, the coziness and the leveling accuracy.


    Machine roomless goods elevator

    WEBSTAR serial machine roomless goods elevator merges with advanced permanent magnet synchronous and gearless traction technology to greatly enhance the performance and quality of the freight elevator Gearless traction machine has light weight and small volume which can save construction space and reduces the failure rate. It has the superior characteristics such as the rigorous structure, fine durability, large door opening distance, safe and smooth running etc.

    WEBSTAR serial machine roomless goods elevator becomes the best choice for transporting the goods in the units such as the factories, warehouses, department stores, housing property centers, libraries and so on.

    Loading capacity:It improves the rated load of goods lift from 1600kg to 3000kg, which can meet clients various requirement.

    Energy-saving&Environment-friendly:The energy for traction machine of WEBSTAR machine room less goods elevators is only about half of traditional traction machines. And it needs no oil application, thus having eliminated the potential hazards of oil contamination traction system and hydraulic system.

    Space-saving:Permanent magent synchronous and gearless traction machine has characteristics like light weight, compact structure, small size etc. which realize space saving as well as flexible shaft arrangement of MRL freight lift.


    Car decoration configuration



    Car top

    Sprayed steel plate


    Round fan

    Car wall

    Sprayed steel plate

    Car door

    Sprayed steel plate


    Tread plate



    Control box



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