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    Product Name: Escalator

    Product number:WM05


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    In the modern transportation of colorful cities, large supermarkets, public buildings, airports, exhibition centers and transportation interchanges, the moving walkway can not only meet the transportation problem of huge traffic volume but also meet the long distance. The need to walk and transport baggage carts, strollers, shopping carts, and disabled cars makes it possible for people to go upstairs and downstairs when they are riding, especially when shopping, which greatly facilitates people's travel and shopping. Its convenient, fast and pleasant ride method has become the preferred solution for major supermarkets, airports, exhibition centers and transportation interchange stations.

    The WEIBO's moving walkway is luxurious and stylish, and it is harmonious with the modern architecture and interior decoration of the metropolis. It perfectly explains the design concept of WEIBO's advanced technology, safety and reliability, energy saving, smooth and comfortable.

    12° moving walkway: The short side pedal design of the moving walkway greatly reduces the space span and makes the structure of the whole machine more compact, which not only saves more space for the building, but also makes it more versatile and flexible. Incorporate into all types of buildings. Variety of styles to meet the individual needs of different places.

    0° moving walkway: The moving walkway mainly undertakes the transportation capacity of large flow, and meets the needs of long-distance walking and transporting luggage, baby carriages, shopping carts, disabled wheel chairs and the like. It is widely used in large shopping malls, airports, shopping centers, entertainment centers, public facilities and other places of people.


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