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    Frame type integrated elevator

    With the development of the economy and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the installation of elevators in old buildings has become an urgent need of the society. Elevators have become an important vertical transportation tool in people's lives. The modular steel structure well-channel elevator is the solution to the old building. A direct method of installing an elevator. It is a new type of elevator product with a broad market prospect. Weber Elevator has been carefully developed to develop a frame-type integrated elevator for the installation of elevators in old buildings.

    Manufacturing process characteristics

    a、This product is applied to the specific location of the existing old building with elevators reserved for the elevator shaft due to historical reasons. The elevator speed is not more than 1.5m/s, the load capacity is not more than 1000kg, the number of landings is not more than 9 layers and the lifting degree is not more than 40m.

    b、On the basis of ensuring safety, the product has innovated the manufacturing process technology. The steel structure of the elevator and the parts of the elevator (such as landing doors, mainframes, guide rails, etc.) are assembled into a standard part in the manufacturing plant. , as one of the parts of the elevator, the whole factory

    c、The elevator as a whole occupies a small space, compact structure, high net capacity, environmental protection and energy saving.

    d、The frame of the integrated elevator can be designed according to the user's requirements to make it conform to the architectural style and the needs of the building decoration.

    Installation process characteristics

    a、Most of the manufacturing and assembly of the equipment is completed in the manufacturing plant. After the equipment arrives at the installation site, it is only necessary to hoist, connect, debug and fix the standard parts. Therefore, the on-site installation schedule is short, usually only 1-2 days, while other types of elevator installations are currently about 30 days.

    b、The frame-integrated elevator is not only suitable for the installation of various types of multi-layer external elevators, but also can be flexibly used for the installation of elevators in indoor buildings.

    c、The integrated elevator of the frame does not need to have an elevator shaft, a machine room or a space for occupying the original building treasure in the building. Therefore, when installing a multi-storey building, there is no need to relocate to disturb residents. Moreover, the elevator installation is quick and convenient, the operation difficulty is reduced, the construction period is shortened, and the construction cost is reduced.

    d、The frame-integrated elevator is suitable for use in elevators of various types of multi-storey buildings, and it can be well connected with various brick structures and cement buildings.


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