Service support

Standardized service

We have standardized maintenance service units for escalator equipment. Under our careful maintenance, the whole life of the products can be extended to more than 30 years, value-added services and investment protection.

Original accessories, rest assu

The nationwide three-level spare parts storage supply network can provide the nearest, abundant and life-long supply of original spare parts, so that customers will never have to worry about.

24-hour express service

The nationwide networked customer service center ONECALL quickly responds to any after-sales service inquiries, providing customers with 24/7 service. At the same time, we will actively contact the interviews at all points that customers may be concerned about, understand customer needs and provide timely services.

Marketing network

Compatible with the world and win the world together

In the development of the domestic market, Weber Elevator actively explores overseas markets and sells it to the Middle East, Southeast Asia, South Africa (Bangladesh, Philippines, Pakistan, Congo, India, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Iran) and European countries, forming an international marketing network. system.

Establish a bridge of communication with sincerity and create perfect service with sincerity

Based on its own and laid out nationwide, WEIBO Elevator has established several major marketing and service networks in Northeast China, North China, East China, Central China, Northwest China, Southwest China and South China. It is committed to covering its excellent product quality and gold after-sales service with its own efforts. More than 20 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions across the country.

  • Branch company

    Jiangsu Branch:Shen
    Hubei Branch:Pan
    Henan Branch:Helian
    Hebei Branch:Liu
    Fujian Branch:Dai
    Xinjiang Branch:Li
    Northwest Branch:Ma
    Southwest Branch:Zhu
    Shanxi Branch:Yin
    Southwest Branch:Tao
    Zhejiang Branch:Lu
    Northeast Branch:Wang

User notice

  • Clean up More
    After the completion of the hoistway, it is necessary to clean the steel bars and other sundries, and the opening of the hoistway must be provided with a reliable fence.
  • Correction More
    The customer and our company need to confirm that the on-site hoistway and the machine room are completed and conform to the drawings, including reserved holes, load-bearing beam piers, pre-embedded iron and hooks. If there is any failure, please correct the customer in time.
  • site More
    There must be enough space on site to store the goods and have access to the transportation and lifting. Our company can deliver the goods to the site. Please provide a large enough warehouse to be locked and equipped with lighting power to place parts. The storage location must be within 50 meters of the elevator installation location.
  • power supply More
    Customers also need to provide power and lighting power, the room must be equipped with lighting and power outlets, and the machine door should be able to lock securely.
  • Goods to the scene More
    Since the cargo unloading takes 1~2 hours (each ladder), please also cooperate with the relevant government departments to coordinate with the relevant government departments (especially the prosperous road section).
  • Government filing More
    Before the elevator is installed, the customer needs to cooperate with our company to handle the registration procedures of the government department. Only the registration and filing can start the installation.
  • Civil engineering More

    During the installation process of the elevator, the civil construction is required to include the concrete hole of the machine room rope hole, door cover, summoning button box, hall light box outside the hall, newspaper station clock, machine room traction machine seat, control cabinet seat, buffer seat, etc. Wait. In addition, before installation, the user needs to mark the accurate ground level on the wall outside the elevator hall on each level, and inform the relationship between the completed surface and the horizontal line of each level.

    Before use: The following work must be completed before the elevator is handed over to the user.

    1、The elevator is installed and commissioned;

    2、The hoistway should be completely closed;

    3、The elevator must be inspected by the government department:

    During the construction period, users are not advised to use the elevator as additional damage and delay risks are added. For temporary use, a special contract must be signed.

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