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WEIBO permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction machine applies lubrication-free design. It needs no frequent renewal of machine oil, clears up the oil pollution and hidden danger of disaster, and makes repari ang maintenance more convenient.   Small starting current, high drive efficiency, low heat consumption and no need of motor activation Compared with traditional traction, it saves over 35% of electric energy consumption and noticeably reduces the users cost.   The cancel of deceleration box avoids energy loss in grea transmission, reduces the noise and vibration and provides the elevator with a peaceful space.   Permanent magnet synchonous traction machine features with light weight, compact structure and small size. Itredyces the space and is convenient for shaft layout.

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German HEIDENHAIN Encoer   WEIBO VVVF Door Driver   WEIBO Integrated Contorol System
German HEIDENHAIN is famous for producing high percision products. Grating ruler resol is as high as nanometer. Its accuracy is as t 1 micron, Angle coder accuracy is as high as #0.2 seconds of arc Absolute angle code digits can reach as high 27didits iTNC 530 high-grade numeric system has high speed and 5-axle functions.   The microcomputer controlled VVVF driver brings about the smooth and reliable running The unique design of mechanical structure reduces the trouble rate to the lowerst degree The exquisite and non-contractor travel switch of the door wheel bring about no nosise in the elevator running The replacement of contactor by controllable silicon enhances the reliability of door machine It applies optical curtain protection.   The application of the integrated control system fulfills a significant technical reform in the elevator control system field. Therefore the elevator electrical system fulfills whole- paeallel signal transmission mode. It has the advantages such as stable, easily controlled, adjustment-free, compact dasign and so on. So the elevator can run smoothly, safely and comfortaablt.

Top-Grade Equipment WebstarIt groes and forges ahead along the road of brand and high-tech WEIBO owns the international workshops ang large-size production line.
The fiest-class production equipments, Plus good production management system ensure the stability of products.

  Has the advanced numerical control multi-station press CNC shearing machine, CNC
bending machine and other modern manufacturing equipment.

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